Ornamental trees

- Ornamental plants are characterized by their aesthetic form and horticultural differences among them in form and colors nature of growth and season of flowers and the extent of tolerance to different environmental conditions and the extent of their needs for fertilization and irrigation.

- Thus, they differ in the role they play in bringing a touch of beauty to the place and also differ in the exhibition for which it is grown so Pioneer Agricultural Development has been keen to provide various ornamental plants of different types, shapes and sizes to achieve these purposes through a group of nurseries owned by the company specializing in the production and breeding plants Decorations.

Featuring Pioneer Agricultural Development

- Most of the plants and trees targeted by the production of shatalat therefore available at the lowest costs in addition to the possibility of work.

- Choose between a wide range of different types and sizes.

It also has the possibility of inspecting plants on the ground by filming videos before procurement and planting

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