Maintenance and consulting services


- Pioneer Development Agriculture is concerned with the after-sales services or treatment where it performs the necessary maintenance works for gardens and flats as well as irrigation networks that are implemented by the company or through third parties

- As well as the work of developing the level of existing gardens or the necessary modifications in the existing networks and also provide alternatives to housing offers wider than options.

- Free size previews for Zayed and October area and do not oblige the client to provide anything.

- Pioneer Agricultural Insurance is the role of adviser to its customers, through scientific cadres from the professors of faculties of agriculture and researchers at the Agricultural Research Center to give scientific and technical consultations as well as smart solutions to the problems facing our valued customers.

- Proposals to raise the level of gardens to achieve maximum luxury and clarify the latest in the world in this area and guide the client to the most appropriate choices compatible with the needs and possibilities.

- Pioneer is distinguished that all our consultancy for specialized scientific cadres have a reliable scientific support.

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